Membership Benefits

The Fiber Optics Tech Consortium (FOTC) is a committee of the Telecommunications Industry Association. It is a consortium of leading fiber optic cable, component and electronics manufacturers that focuses on educting end users and design consultants about the technical advantages and affordability that optical transmission can bring to customer-owned networks and fiber-to-the-desk applications.

All companies that are members of TIA are welcome to join the FOTC and to attend meetings. If your company would like to participate in Section activities and benefit from the Group's marketing outreach, we ask that you contribute a marketing assessment to help fund the Section's communications outreach.

Below are some of the benefits of joining the FOTC:

  • Belong to the premier forum for premises networking.
  • Supplement your company's marketing efforts by having a greater voice in the industry.
  • Participate in industry-specific articles for the trade press.
  • Take part in FOTC-initiated speaking opportunities at industry conferences.
  • Influence the interpretation of industry standards and architectures.
  • Gain recognition for FOTC marketing efforts such as the Interactive Network Architecture Model.
  • Reach end users through FOTC Web Conferences.
  • Increase market understanding through FOTC-sponsored end user research.

There are two levels at which companies can participate in FOTC. Please review the specific membership levels for details on the benefits associated with each level. Download a full list of 2015 FOTC participation benefits.

TIA Membership Benefits

The Telecommunications Industry Association is the leading trade association for the information, communications and entertainment technology industry. TIA serves global suppliers and their service provider and enterprise customers through leadership in collaborative standards development, member-driven U.S. and international policy advocacy, and facilitation of business opportunities through NXTcomm and other marketplace events and summits. TIA works to serve member companies to grow their communications business in several areas, including:

  • Representing members' interests before Congress, the Administration, agencies such as the FCC and the Department of Commerce, and others. TIA represents manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech equipment, products, and services used in global communications, lobbying for ubiquitous broadband deployment, improved spectrum management, increased funding for research, and improving international trade and public safety, among others.
  • Providing a global marketplace for the industry via TIA-affiliated trade shows and other networking opportunities with customers and industry leaders. TIA co-hosts and operates NXTcomm and the USA Pavilion at the ITU. Supplier and manufacturer members of TIA enjoy a $15/sqft discount on the cost of their NXTcomm booth space. 
  • Influencing directly the development of ANSI-accredited standards via 70 technical groups, including Mobile and Personal Communication-related technical standards, Fiber Optic standards, and Premise Telecommunications Cabling standards, as well as standards related to public safety and accessibility.
  • Participating in member-driven committees that provide our members opportunities to be involved in various activities and meetings throughout the year, aiming to increase the marketing, networking, and business opportunities for our member companies.