Corning's multiuse platform supports mix of fiber-optic network architectures

Jun 15 2017

Corning Incorporated has launched its multiuse platform, billed as the industry’s first solution to offer a combination of multifiber and single-fiber connection points, making it easier for carriers, operators, and municipalities to quickly deploy fiber-deep access networks. Capable of supporting a mix of network architectures in the same fiber-optic backbone, the multiuse platform is being presented as "a major advancement for LTE connectivity and a 5G future."

“With current mobile demand and new wireless standards on the horizon, the need for easy access and reliable, secure connectivity will continue to surge,” says Bob Whitman, vice president of market development, Carrier Networks, Corning Optical Communications. “As the leader in fiber-optic networks, we’re expanding our preconnectorized solutions with flexible deployment options that are cost-effective and future-ready. The multiuse platform’s converged architecture is smaller and offers versatile components that can be customized to fit a wide variety of needs.”

Specifically, according to the company, the Corning multiuse platform includes:

-- "A new local convergence cabinet that is significantly smaller and lighter than standard industry offerings. These cabinets house a variety of splitter types and accommodate pass-through fibers, making them easy to deploy across every network connection point. Plus, they enable a fully preterminated experience in the distribution network, eliminating the need for costly, disruptive field work. Technicians simply plug in feeder and distribution cables with factory-installed hardened connectors – meaning no field splicing is required from the cabinet out."

-- "An expanded array of factory-installed, sealed network access points with single-fiber and multifiber options. Enabling fast, plug-and-play connectivity, these products now allow network operators to deliver a tailored mix of fiber counts for residential, business, wireless backhaul, and wholesale purposes – all from the same network location."

Per a company press release, "By eliminating splice points and offering a plug-and-play cabinet, the multiuse platform’s benefits include up to 50 percent savings in labor costs compared with field-termination methods, plus the assurance of factory-terminated performance. Furthering the value of traditional preconnectorized solutions, the new multiuse platform reduces total installed cost by up to 20 percent."